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Fall, 2020: Stellar Astrophysics

Robert Kennicutt, A&M.

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Fall, 2020: Statistical Mechanics (A&M)

Fall, 2020: Electromagnetic Theory II

Chris Pope, A&M.

Spring, 2020: Electromagnetic Theory I

Fall, 2019: Methods of Theoretical Physics I

Notes by Chris Pope, A&M. (Taught by Che-Ming-Ko).

Spring, 2017: Statistical Mechanics (NISER)

Methods of Theoretical Physics II

Gravitational Physics

Chris Pope, A&M. 

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Special Theory of Relativity


Dark Matter Lectures from various schools/workshops/conferences

II Joint ICTP-Trieste/ICTP-SAIFR School on Particle Physics

There are a total of 5 lectures by Francesco D’Eramo from ICTP Brazil School. 

Lec1: Video, Slides.


Gravitational Physics

Chris Pope, A&M. Click here.


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Mechanics (206)

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Mechanics (206)

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