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Neutron Spectrometry

Trajectories of gammas of energy 1.3325 MeV (Co-60) through our detector is shown here.  In this GEANT4 simulation, 10,000 gammas are shooted 10 cm. away from the opposite side of the detector.

Neutron Simulation: Research

Neutron-Gamma Discrimination

Neutron can mimics WIMPs signal. This makes very important to understand the neutron spectrum in mK temperature to revamp neutron veto. At NISER, we're looking at neutron-gamma discrimination using Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) method. Charge Integration method was used to calculate Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD). The neutron-band (up) is well-separated from the gamma-band (bottom) with approx. FOM = 4.5 (Figure of Merit). Digitizer is used throughout the experiment in lieu of conventional analog electronics.


Detector Simulation

At NISER, we're also simulating our liquid scintillator detector using GEANT4 to obtain detector response function. Sample simulation of the detector (top left) when it was shot by gamma (bottom left) and simulated energy deposition in the detector for Co-60 (right).

FotoJet (1).jpg
Neutron Simulation: About Me

using GEANT4

A liquid scintillator is simulated using GEANT4.
Scintillator liquid (red) is poured in an aluminum shell
(yellow, white).
We are trying to calculate the detector response in
the presence of neutron-gamma radiation.

Neutron Simulation: Welcome
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